Friday, 9 May 2008

A welcome once more.

Ok, so, starting this in January, like many of my ideas and projects, didn't actually materialise. This time though, I am determined.

I am joining the Daring Bakers blogroll to inspire me to post (although I doubt this will be helpful to my diet, it will certainly keep my boyfriend and my housemates happy...)

I am also going to start posting more in general! Hurrah!

Well, a little about me perhaps to get you going. I'm Jackie, I'm 21 (dear Lord, that makes me feel old...) and I'm currently a second year university student at the University of York in England. I have a wonderful, caring boyfriend of, oh.. 9 and a half months, and he loves to eat my food. Except curries. He won't eat curries. Or gravy. I tried. And failed. On the plus side, he now eats onions, peppers and a whole host of new vegetables.

I still have a tempestuous relationship with food, and I'm still trying to lose weight. I go every week to a Slimming World meeting, and although I'm not going to try and shove Slimming World down anyone's throat, it is a wonderful programme, and a lot of the recipes here will be Slimming World compatible (and notated with syn values and healthy extras!)

If you're lucky, you might get some before and after photos. Currently, you'll just be getting the before, but charting my progress should be fun!

I love to eat pizza, pasta and potatoes, and rice - I'm a girl in love with carbs! I love my meat too, even though a lot of the food I eat is vegetarian. The boyfriend and I went vegetarian for Lent, and a habit of eating less meat has stuck. I'll cook anything once. Even twice. Or just continuously.

I need quick healthy food that keeps my brain in gear for studying dull books every day and for leaping out of the door for rehearsals and work. Once I get a job again.

I love South American food (in fact, food from anywhere is alright in my book) and hope to champion the little known food of my adoptive second country, Chile :)

That's probably enough about me. Look out for some posts coming your way in the near future! 

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